CA. 1965.
Ca. 1968

Western Man of Letters: Selected Writings of Jack H. Adamson

  1. Crisis and Change in the University
    1. If There Is Any Other Way, or We Have Become the Tools of our Tools
  2. Turbulent Times:  America and Its Place in the World
    1. Need Our Sustained Posture of Defense Endanger Our Freedoms?
  3. Shattering and Enriching:  A Year in India
    1. Fulbright to India
    2. The Great Soul
    3. The Treasure of the Widow’s Son
  4. Religion and Mythology
    1. How Writers Use the Bible
    2. Foreword to “Letters from Brigham Young to His Sons”
  5. Western History and Art
    1. The Golden Savage Land
  6. Invading the Unknown:  The Scholar’s Life
    1. The Meaning of Scholarship
    2. The Celestial Railroad — 1968
  7. Wanderlust:  Journals and Reflections
  8. Occasional Rhetoric:  Eulogies and a Prayer
    1. Prayer of Dedication for U. of Utah Art and Architecture Center
  9. Poems

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